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Michał Michańczyk
Art Director / Designer

+48 509 799 277

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Keep calm and let me do the work for you.

I am experienced UI designer from Gdansk, Poland. I am here to help your business grow. There are two ways we can go about a project: charging per project or per hour. Both ways work just fine, so you can choose the one which you find more convenient.

Take a look what I can do for you. All hourly packages are billed in advance.

If you select the fixed price option you pay for the final effect, without any limitations in terms of the number of changes to your design. Get in touch with me if you have questions or need to book a tailored individual package.

Small projects

Simple Design Project / Consulting

If you need to design a mailing campaign, some printed materials, this is the package you should choose.

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Small websites

Small website design / Consulting

If you need to design a simple landing page, a single page web site, this is the package for you.

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App design or Web design

Standard app design / Web design

If you need to design a website with 3-4 subpages, this is the package you should choose.

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Full UI design

Full app with landing page f.e.

If you need whole UI or branding here I am.

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With Michael's help, my business continues to grow quickly. He significantly improved my branding and provided lots of useful advice with regards to marketing and business development. We have worked together for about 2 years and I hope this cooperation will last.

Sylwester Kłos,