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Michał Michańczyk
Art Director / Designer

+48 509 799 277

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I work on Mac, and I love startups. Do you?

If you are running a great startup with a small budget and need UI design get in touch. I will find a way to help you.

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We can speak about your product and improve it.

Just trust me.

I am a co-founder of several startups and alumnus of the Startup School so I have the knowledge necessary to build successful startups.

So I love the Mac, and I love startups. I know UI design inside out, and I can help you create great looking and functioning products.

Your business will grow, your team will get bigger and your product will improve.

There are a thousand ways to develop a successful project. I can help you find the best way. Just keep calm and build your profits.

If you have any doubts let’s talk. Speaking to clients about their concerns is my favourite part of my work.

Take a look at the startups and products I’ve built. This is what keeps me going.

Check these out.


Online casino.


Stocks and markets


Beautiful advertising movement


Diet catering from Gdansk, Poland.

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