8 outstanding ways to distinguish yourself by great personal branding

In the world where we’re living these days it very difficult to distinguish yourself outstandingly. Perhaps it’s much harder than ever among a lot of professionals in their industry.

For Today I just have prepared 8 simple examples of how to distinguish yourself as a professional UI/UX/Product Designer (or maybe as another specialist) and how to sell your services in a creative, eye-catching way without selling out your romantic soul.

Let’s start and get to know how you should make your not overloaded, but still stylish and professional personal branding.

#1 Simple explanation about the services (web)



  • Nice description and explanation of services Marco is doing
  • Big, clean text telling you directly what is going on

#2 Dynamic cursor with new technology inside (web)



  • nice, big headlines what is the cup of tea of this guy
  • eye-catching design and pro look&feel

#3 Cursor-depends photos showcase (web-check it online)



  • great idea with photos showcase
  • great front-end technology on it
  • modern and pro look&feel
  • nice colors and style, nice esthetics

#4 Phenomenal personal website to impress a potential client (web — check it online)



  • modern design with nice colors
  • clean and easy to read communicate
  • effect “wow” during using the website
  • unforgettable typography

#5 Approach based on an illustration and dynamic top (web)



  • involving users in the animation process
  • nice colors
  • the individual illustration as a branding factor

#6 Pretty cool printed CV (print)



  • pretty cool idea to have printed cv in this kind of form
  • nice colors and huge typography making the cv pretty clear
  • nice content (what my teacher says, what my mom says)

#7 Personal website on the high level (web)


  • nice colors
  • an interesting option to expand the designer story
  • colors and typography and face on it creating one, complete story

#8 Why hire me for your next project?


  • nice section Why hire me?
  • nice colors and face identity on the website

Your branding should be a self-designed way to make an impression on your audience and solve the main values for the target. As always I just recommend being yourself in personal branding and I am still encouraging you to test new possibilities to have an outstanding effect in the industry jungle.