Send packages and receive income immediately.

Improve your deliveries, receive income immediately and make sure your business thrive.

In Snarto, you can add orders, but also carry them out. Ship with the selected carrier that responds your expectations and turn them into cash. The simplicity
of use, a lot of must-have features and thoughtful architecture makes this
app all you need in terms of managing your logistic stuff.


The goal was to make a strong redesign of Snarto product having in mind all values, motivations and habits on this specific logistic market.

My role was a Lead Product Designer and I’ve designed the major amount of screens.


Product Analysis, Product Discovery, Workshops, UX Evaluation, UX Design, UI Design, Delivery, Handover


2 Months
8 One Week Sprints

Redesign the app and don’t break the rules on the logistic’s market. It’s a very specific, hermetic market.

The client came up with very precious task - we need to redesign the app to make it more “flat” and adjusted to the clients. Moreover, I need to be focused on User Experience as well. As I bonus I take care of the core value and defined Unique Selling Proposition exactly for client needs and to make sure that Snarto will thrive in the near future.

We worked in a tight cooperation to convey specific domain knowledge at the beginning of our Design Process. It was really vital to understand the market and business.

Final Results

We revealed the truth from the UX Research phase and designed well-adjusted solution to the patients.

Main challange was something we had to determine at the beginning of our cooperation. Stakeholders weren’t fully aware of the problem and the design process and they came up with idea of redesign the website.

We noticed that problem is deeper and we need to dedicate our whole time to find out what patients want to see on the website and how they want to make an appointment.


Screens Designed


One Week Design Sprints


Stragic insights