Scandinavian Hub
for IT employees

The Hub is a free-of-charge community platform
tailored to the needs of growth

The Hub gives an overview of the Nordic startup community by providing visibility to startups in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Via the platform, startups can get assistance with their recruitment of talent as well as connection with investors. is based on a strategic partnership between Danske Bank and Rainmaking. The project has been fueled by Danske Bank’s wish to help Nordic companies grow, especially early-stage companies with a global outlook and the ambition to expand fast.


This was a nice concept project. The Hub is a scandinavian hub based in Copenhagen. We were trying to involve The Hub team and present them precisely thoughtful solution for the mobile app.

The final effect is a mobile app which engage recruters and candidates to apply in the recruitment process.


Product Analysis, Product Discovery, UX Evaluation, UX Design, Unique Value Proposition, UI Design


3 weeks
3 Design Sprints

Design a solution that matching candidates from IT with recruiters in the mobile app and make an impression on The Hub team.

To be honest with you - this project was a concept app based on our assumptions, experience in recruitment process. We’d like to show that we have strong background in building product like this and shook the Hub team in terms of possible solution to keep recruitment process inside the mobile app.

It was really dope experience for me as well, because free hand to propose something fresh and well-fitted to the topic. I was responsible for thinking out the new approach, unique value proposition and the UX & UI part.

We worked in a design process, which helped us to manage the project from defining Unique Value Proposition till the beautiful User Interface.

Final Results

We connect candidates from IT with recruiters all around Scandinavia. In an easy way we can keep the relationship inside the app.

Main idea from the beginning was to create this kind of app to connect
recruiters with potential employees in a short, convenienve way during
morning’s coffee. Use the app to find a better remote or stationary job.


Screens Designed


One Week Design Sprints


Internal Calls & Meetings